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Games / VR / Comics / Books / Radio / Journalism

London-based writer, narrative director and narrative designer. Currently Narrative Director with Electronic Arts. Previously Lead Writer with Sony Interactive Entertainment and Principal Writer with Saber Interactive Spain. Credits include Sony, BBC, Rebellion, Big Finish, 2000AD, Games Workshop, Abaddon Books, DC Thomson, Moonstone, Palgrave-Macmillan, Airship 27, Mongoose Games, The Guardian, Edge, RetroGamer, ScriptWriter, PopMatters and Starburst.

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Story, Narrative Design, Transmedia

​* Narrative Director Electronic Arts

  • Principal Writer with Saber Interactive

  • Previously Lead Writer with Sony's PlayStation London Studio

  • Experience originating new storyworlds and IP

  • Experience with established IP such as Doctor Who, Warhammer, Evil Dead, Highlander and Judge Dredd 

  • Extensive experience joining game projects part way through development and helping focus and reshape story as required

  • Adept at leading Writers' Rooms and managing junior writers/narrative designers

  • Experienced at table reads, workshopping with actors, attending motion-capture shoots and directing V/O sessions


  • Winner SFX Magazine/Gollancz Pulp Idol Award

  • Author of Fantastic Transmedia (Palgrave 2015), an analysis of large and small-scale transmedia franchises including Star Wars, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Halo, Buffy and The Lord of the Rings

  • PhD exploring interrelationship of story and play in video game media

  • Writer and presenter of BBC Radio Four's 'The Origins of the Metaverse'



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Structure / Action / Dialogue

I'm an extremely versatile writer, having worked across multiple high profile AAA game and Virtual Reality projects, as well as authoring books and comic stories. I've also written and presented for BBC Radio 4. The British newspaper the Daily Star highlighted Blood and Truth's "immersive and thrilling story", while Edge magazine described my dialogue as "note-perfect epithets of modern-London" (Edge September 2018).

Creating / Fixing / Polishing

I have extensive experience working with colleagues to originate storyworlds for new IP for games and VR. I've also come into a number of game projects where missions, art assets and characters have already been built and worked with colleagues to construct an immersive and engaging world and story utilising these assets.

Playing on Phones


Playing Video Games With Headset


Originating / Shaping / Connecting

I have experience originating, shaping and analysing transmedia networks. On Sniper Elite 4 I wrote both the screenplay and carried out all narrative design duties, but also wrote the prequel comic Andartes and all in-world marketing materials, including the launch trailer 'Timing is Everything'. My book, Fantastic Transmedia (Palgrave 2015), is an exploration of transmedia storytelling techniques across large and small scale franchises, including Star Wars, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Halo, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the Lord of the Rings. It was primarily written during my time as a senior academic at King's College London.

Leading / Managing / Mentoring

I'm currently Principal Writer with Saber having previously been Lead Writer with Sony, and possess extensive experience managing and mentoring writers and narrative designers. I've planned and managed story development strategies, overseen the creation of story pipelines and led Writers' Rooms. I've also worked with high profile film and television producers from the UK and the US, and with story consultants. I am committed to bringing more diverse voices into the games and transmedia industries.

"Immersive and thrilling storytelling"

Daily Star on Blood and Truth

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